2020 UPDATE: After a 4 year-long hiatus, the comic is back! My gamedev job still leaves very little time for me to work on the comic, but I’ll do my best to keep those strips coming! 

TransLucid is a webcomic about the life of Sarah, an introvert transwoman who has to face gargantuan problems like dealing with family, overcoming boredom and procrastination, and going outside her room to engage in eventual social interaction with other human beings. Kind of autobiographical project where I’m mostly making fun of my own life and thoughts, the absurdities of being trans and the problems of diving too much into your own psyche. I should clarify that even if most of the comics are loosely based on real life events, most of it is completely made up (also, my real name is Gemma, not Sarah!).

While the comic follows mostly a chronological order, there are a few “flashback” strips here and there, showing some of the key moments in Sarah’s life before transitioning. Color also plays an important role in the comic. Transition from blue to red roughly represents Sarah’s own gender transition, and orange represents dreams.

If you have any questions, or even if you just want to talk about any topic or yell at me for no reason in particular, feel free to send me an e-mail to tresenella@gmail.com!